Finding meaning and direction

Some people talk to a therapist when they're feeling stuck and looking for direction in their lives. I'm available to consult and help you figure out what might be getting in the way of living the life you want to live.

Help for when you're in emotional pain

Many people struggle with persistent feelings of sadness, anxiety, or a sense of not being good enough. A therapist can help you change your story of yourself and your experience of being in the world. I am able to help with any of the following:
  • panic and anxiety
  • loneliness
  • depression
  • grief, loss and sadness
  • feelings of worthlessness and despair
  • struggles with anger
  • problems in relationships: finding them, keeping them, being "true" to them, knowing when it's time to end them...
I can also help with specific struggles you might have, such as:
  • memories and experiences of harm, abuse, violation or trauma in childhood and adulthood
  • the loss of a loved one, or of some part of yourself, to illness and pain
  • doing things that feel compulsive or out of control, such as having an affair or affairs, using the internet, shopping, eating, drinking, viewing pornography, etcetera
My intention in these therapeutic conversations is to help restore your confidence, peace and experience of connection to those around you.

Help for when you're hurting someone else

Sometimes we hurt or harm others with our words and our actions. I recognize what it takes to speak up about these experiences, and I listen in compassionate ways that help you become more of who you want to be. There is very little you can say that will shock me.


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