Couple Therapy

Whether you have been together for three months, three years or three decades, our conversations can help disrupt cycles of painful and negative interactions, heal past and present hurts, and create new ways of talking together.

As a Registered Marriage and Family Therapist, I specialize in working with couples, and have helped people struggling with:
  • hurt and resentment that won't go away
  • bickering and fighting
  • feeling abandoned or let down by your partner, once, or over and over again
  • infidelities, including affairs, internet relationships and friendships that seem a little too close
  • problems in your sexual relationship
  • blending your lives and families after you've lived alone or with others for many years
  • the effects of stress and pressure
  • losses related to the death of a parent or child, separation, illness or life transitions
  • hurtful and abusive actions
  • when one or both people have been abused or harmed, either as children or adults, and this harm is hurting their relationship now.

I strive to facilitate conversations that are different from the ones you have at home and that allow you to speak to and hear one another in meaningful ways.
As a specialized couple therapist, I still work with individuals. What is unique is the consistent focus on relationships that I bring to our conversations. I believe our relationships are vitally important to our sense of our selves and to our well being.

I recognize that our couple relationships can be very intense at times. Accordingly, I offer couple therapy intensives in addition to regular hour-long sessions. These intensives can last a few hours or an entire day. Please contact me for rates and information. 


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